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- Our factory was established in İstanbul in 1996 to produce men's clothing and accesories. Our brands are ZERMON, FRANCO CASSEL, UMBERTO LONI and GUISEPPE GENTILE. We have been in European and Asian market with the wide spread products portfolio.

- We would like to meet and to introduce our men's clothing and accessories to your company.

- If you want to sell our products in your country, you can order only one package which will contain your selected items. Our package size is 80cmX50cmx50cm. You can choose our products as a series or in a one size without series.

- In addition, We have free of charge standard gift packages to our wholesalers.

- Suits, single jacket, pants, overcoat, coat hanger and nylon package are supplied. Special carton box, carton package, nylon package for shirt, t- shirt, tie, bow-tie, cufflink, tie pin and belt are supplied.

- We have showrooms with ready to sell men's clothing and accessories. You will be able to choose from our showrooms. Besides of our existing products, we are ready to produce customized models with your brand and your size in our factory. Our delivery time will be as short as because of our factory ability and to have a wide range fabrics.

- When we decided to work together in your country, we will concentrate to your market demands and we will offer to best selling goods. One of the main criteria to work together, you should know our products very well. We will work cash at the beginning and depends on your sales volume on specific period, we can start to work with you without pre payment.

- We can offer to you the best priced transport companies and the methods of sending money.

- When we decide to work with you there will be no other wholesaler in your city. Any sales request from your city will be forwarded to your company.

Our Products:

- Men's suits, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, overcoats, jackets, ties, bow-ties, neck-ties, tie clips, cufflinks, belts, bridegroom's waistcoats with ties and napkins, bridegroom's waistbands with bow-ties and napkins, bridegroom's ties, scarves, polo jackets, knitted polo shirts, T-shirts, polo, jeans.
- Women's jeans, shirts, T-shirts, polo, knit-wear.

Contact Details:
Skype: francocassel
tel.: + 90 (535) 855 93 80