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The factory has been producing men's wear and accessories since 1996 and it has achieved a dominant position in the European market since then. It has become possible due to the available production capacity and some efforts of our skilled fashion stylists. A wide product range, reasonable price policy and good quality are formula for successful market promotion.

Perhaps now you are in cooperation with other producers, however, let us draw your attention to those undeniable advantages that you can get only through partnership with our TM "FRANCO CASSEL":

- all articles are item-specific packed.
Standard packing:
- For suits Ц hanger, cover, bag;
- For trousers Ц hanger, cover, bag;
- For shirts, polo shirts, tie and other items Ц a box;
- If no model proposed by us meets your requirements, we are always ready to receive an order from you against the available catalogues taking in account all your requests;
- we can embroid your company logo;
- we propose the best prices and regional delivery terms.
- A wide selection of articles ( not only in Turkey but in many different countries) and fabric catalogues which are used to produce the articles in short terms are always available.
- The ordered articles are started to be made only after payment. We can send you a bank account.
- The price to be agreed in case of large scale wholesale.

Spot articles:

- Men's suits, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, overcoats, jackets, ties, bow-ties, neck-ties, tie clips, cufflinks, belts, bridegroom's waistcoats with ties and napkins, bridegroom's waistbands with bow-ties and napkins, bridegroom's ties, scarves, polo jackets, knitted polo shirts, T-shirts, polo, jeans.
- Women's jeans, shirts, T-shirts, polo, knit-wear.

Contact details:
Skype: francocassel
tel.: + 90 (535) 855 93 80

- If you wish to be an exclusive regional or countrywide distributor and to buy our articles at special price, please see page "FRANCHISING".

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