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- You can be one of our franchisee to sell our brand and products in your city or country.

- In order to get franchising from us, we will work with you with cash advance.

- You should pay total amount of your orders before delivery of goods from our factory.

- When we agreed as a franchisor and franchisee, you can attend to exhibitions in your country. In this case, we will supply you some example goods for exhibition.

- When you became franchisee of our company, you will start to work with our existing customers in your city or area. Beside of this, we will forward you new customers which will come to us after our aggrement.

- We have a special program which shows all of our goods from our store via your gsm or tablet. You will be able to see all of our goods from your gsm and you can select goods from your gsm or tablet. When you select goods, we will deliver the selected goods to your address.

- You can order to ready-to- sell or tailor-made goods. If you prefer tailor-made goods you will be able to select fabric, dress button and any size. You can order goods from our brands or we can produce any men clothes with your brand.

- We are ready to help or find a proper 3rd party for sending of money and transfer to goods from our factory to your store. You can pay the transportation fee in your store or factory.

- According to our selling strategy, there is only one franchisee in the same city or country. You will be only one seller in your city or country.

- If you have any further question we will be glad to answer.

Our Products:

- Men's suits, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, overcoats, jackets, ties, bow-ties, neck-ties, tie clips, cufflinks, belts, bridegroom's waistcoats with ties and napkins, bridegroom's waistbands with bow-ties ans napkins, bridegroom's ties, scarves, polo jackets, knitted polo shirts, T-shirts, polo, jeans.
- Women's jeans, shirts, T-shirts, polo, knit-wear.

Contact Details :
Skype: francocassel
tel.: + 90 (535) 885 93 80