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- Our factory was established in İstanbul in 1996 to produce men's clothing and accesories. Our brands are ZERMON, FRANCO CASSEL, UMBERTO LONI and GUISEPPE GENTILE. We have been in European and Asian market with the wide spread products portfolio.

- We have deeply experience and knowledge in textile sector. As a result of this experience, our production volume and our range of textile products is increasing in every year. We have been working with the same wholesalers for many years in different countries. Confidence and continuity are the most important criteria for our business relationship with our business partners.

- If you want to work with us in your countries, we need to share your company information, sales portrait and sales target with us. If we agree on the principles of our mutual work, we will be happy to work with you and ready to help increase your sales volume with our products.

- Our male collections have been in serious demand and sold in many countries. We are closely following men fashion and trends in world wide and we are designing new models. We prepare new collections in men's clothing four times a year and offer them to our wholesaler.

- Our collections are for the wide range of ages starting from childs to mid ages. We have different sizes such as slimfit, regular fit, classic or large.

- You will be able to see our products from your tablet, mobile phone or your computer which we will sent you internet link or you can visit to our show rooms which are located in many countries.